We Provide Innovative Procurement-Based Solutions


Agro Solutions Center assist  small and medium-sized  projects and U.S manufactures     

 in expanding to the international marketplace. 


Supply & Distribution





1. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Eq.

2. Building Products

3. Consumer Goods

4. Hotel and Restaurant Equipment

5. Medical Equipment

6. Agriculture Equipment

7. Transportation 

8. Printing Equipment


   Experience transparency in purchasing. 

Project Solutions

Project Solutions

 In relationship with the best companies we are able to answer to government and private procument. We dedicated our time to provide valuable resources and solutions for private and public projects.  At A.S.C we provide project owners the ability to access the qualify project manager, architech, engineer, suppliers, GC and U.S Goods and Services.  

Export & Trade Financing



Through our partners, Agro Solutions Center also offer letters of credit: commercial and standby (also known as documentary). We can arrange proof of funds, which means clients do not have to tie up all their cash or other collateral to get a letter of credit issued. We provide a letter of credit for the purchase of all trades, that clients can deliver to their customers, thus accelerating  cash flow. Our commitment to overseeing each transaction to provide our clients with countless savings and ensures that even the most complex Trades are successfully completed. 

 Applicant hereby requests that Agro Solutions Center, Inc. issue an irrevocable commercial letter of credit and business financing, or arrange for the issuance thereof by any of its agents, affiliates, subsidiaries, or correspondents, substantially in accordance with the information contained in this application and subject to the terms and conditions of our agents or affiliates and the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, 2007 Rev. (ICC Publication No. 600). Instructions: Please complete each field on our Apply or contact link. All fields marked with an asterisk are required. Select a field by clicking on it or press the TAB key to switch fields.