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1. Building Material

2. Healthcare

3. Hospitality

4. Education 


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Project Resources

Project Solutions

In a relationship with the best U.S manufacturers, we are dedicated to answering to the builders, commercial contractors,  government and private project resources needs. We commit our time to offer valuable resources and solutions for private and public projects.  At A.S.C. we provide project owners the ability to access qualified project managers, project coordinators, Business architects, engineers, quality & cost-alternative supplies. 

Export & Trade Financing



Through our partners, Agro Solutions Center also offers letters of credit: commercial and standby (also known as a documentary). We can arrange proof of funds, which means clients do not have to tie up all their cash or other collateral to get a letter of credit issued. We provide a letter of credit for the purchase of all trades, that clients can deliver to their customers, thus accelerating cash flow. Our commitment to overseeing each transaction to provide our clients with countless savings and ensures that even the most complex Trades are successfully completed. 

Our Mission: In agreement with U.S. manufacturer companies, Agro Solutions Center Inc. offers wholesale supplies in four different categories. Through innovation and technology, we offer a sample platform to project owners, contractors, builders to find the supplies  to complete their projects. Through our website, tradeshows, catalogs and online marketing, we offer products for Hospitality, Education, Healthcare and Building projects. To learn how A.S.C can assist you with your project needs, please visit our website and send us a request with your needs or any questions you may have. We hope to hear from you soon.


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